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When Zendaya went with Michael Kors, her hair stylist Ursula Stephen was cutting her hair riding down the hotel elevator. It was such a precision haircut that if it shifted at all, it wouldn’t fall right. So Ursula was literally cutting her hair as she was stepping out of the Mark Hotel. I’m always joking that getting ready with your date to go to the Met feels like you’re getting married. I’ve never been married, but the Met gala feels like a weddinga very long wedding. I took Sarah Jessica Parker to Punk Chaos and Couture and I had gone to her townhouse to collect her. It was delightful because it was this whole kind of family situation with kids tumbling around, her husnd seeing her off, and she had this extraordinary Mohican headdress on. But we realized she couldn’t sit in the seat of the car in the Top Hot Link Pinterest On Myclubtee On 2022/11/12 vehicle that I had come to collect her in because she couldn’t fit upright with her headdress. So we had to move the seat and she sat on the floor. That was absolutely hysterical. I believe Philip Treacy must have been responsible for the fabulous-but-unaccommodating headdress. There was no shortage of sensational outfits at last year’s Camp-themed galaBilly Porter in his gold wings, Zendaya in her Cinderella gownbut the chandelier dress worn by Katy Perry, who is always one of the red carpet’s biggest risk-takers, was a true standout. Quite literally We had to measure the doors of the Met to make sure they were wide enough to accommodate the Jeremy Scott–designed contraption. Not everyone knows this, but the candelabra came complete with working lightbulbs.