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We design the carpet, the entrance, the Great Hall. It takes an entire year to plan and produce and to get everything done in a week in the museum so it’s done in time for the party. For the design in the Great Hall, we work through the night from Sunday at  when the museum is closed and everybody is gone, until noon or p.m. on Monday. By that time, we have to clean up and be sure we are ready to open the doors. I realized that it’s much better to start your hair and makeup early, so you’re not stressed out and you’re not late. Normally the Top Hot Link On Myclubtee On 2022/11/12 hotel you’re staying in, everybody is staying in, and to get your car is a whole mess. It’s the worst traffic in the world. Even though you are staying so close to the Met, it takes you practically an hour to get there. I can get anxiety easy because I know Anna would not be happy if you’re late. Everyone has a certain time that they’re supposed to be there.

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