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Before I started at Vogue in , I was working at the New York Observer and the style reporter who usually covered the Met was sick. So they sent me and I had no idea what I was doing and it was terrifying. I was in the press pen on the red carpet line next to the New York interviewer with really bushy eyebrows, George Whipple, and his cameraman, because I’m so short, kept dropping his video camera on my head. There are two things that I will never understand in this world and that’s art and fashion. I will never get it. Understand it. I try to look at it, but I just scratch my head looking at the red carpet. There’s always a directive from Anna and the events department that explains what all Vogue girls and guys should wear. So my team works on calling in the clothes as early as two months before from past designer seasons. We try to have different people and their aesthetics in mind and we set up fittings and sically turn the fashion closet into a makeshift studio. Hours before ’s Punk Chaos to Couture red carpet was to start, we discovered that an assistant to our indefatigable event designer Raúl Àvila was a punk fanatic. We sent him home to Queens in a town car to collect some pieces from his collection, so he could join the models lining the Top Hot Link Behance On Myclubtee On 2022/11/12 staircase. He made it ck just in time, mohawk and all, and he even appeared in Bill Cunningham’s coverage of the gala.

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