There are some runway beauty staples we can always expect to see every season, without fail: no-makeup makeup, crisp cat eyes, bleached brows, sculptural hairstyles. And then, every so often, a new trend emerges that’s completely unexpected — which makes it all the more delightful. For Spring 2023, that trend seems to be adorned foreheads.
A beauty look from Marni Spring 2023. 
Sure, we’re still seeing plenty of the standard backstage classics, but alongside all of those usual hair and makeup suspiciousness, New York Fashion Week seems to be having a real thing for foreheads and hairlines this season. Both makeup artists and hairstylists alike are turning their attention to the space that sits above the brows, to attractive results.
For the Fe Noel show, hairstylist Lacy Redway (for TreSemmé) created baby hair art, carefully plastering models’ strands across their foreheads in intricate, beautiful wavelike patterns (above). “I envisioned this style complementing the femininity and fluidity of Fe Noel’s collection,” she said of the look. “The hair appears wet, emulating a drenched, watery, wavy texture, which will be brought to life in a variety of ways throughout the show.”
To create the wet effect and hold the hair art in place, Redway relies on a combination of TreSemmé Tres Two Mega Control Hair Gel, Freeze Hold Hair Spray, and Keratin Smooth Shine Serum.
An earthier (and quirkier) look appeared on the Collina Strada runway, where models’ hair was slicked with clay — sometimes natural looking, in other cases painted in bright colors — by Evanie Frausto (for Bumble and Bumble). On a handful of models, the clay was concentrated along the hairline only, creating a trippy mud-halo effect.