The Mary Janes are officially back, though it would be fair to ask if they’ll ever leave. Not only does lace-up shoes seem unaffected by the narrowing trend loop, but it also transcends age demographics and fashion cultures. What other shoe could make you feel like a small private school kid at the same time, a rebellious teenager in a coming-of-age movie and a grown woman with pragmatic footwear choices? , soft?
Watch: Winona Ryder kicks off Marc Jacobs’ campaign for the brand’s new J Marc shoulder bag, strapped into a Mary Janes galore (albeit a rather extreme version). The photo shoot dropped at the end of April this year, but the fact that I was able to write that sentence 30 years ago proves the enduring power of this style. Other celebrities that fan of the late Mary Jane include Alexa Chung, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and many more.
As this style grew in popularity, brands kept repeating the design of the closed-toe lace-up, taking it from schoolgirl origins to sky-high platforms and everywhere. This year, Miu Miu single-handedly ditched both the ballet-inspired Mary Jane satin flats as well as this chunky stomping shoe that won’t look out of place in Hot Topic – both of which have gone viral. each other on Instagram. The brand’s diverse MJ designs could be a case study in the genre-bending ability of classic shoes.